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Learn About Pelleve : Our Anti – Wrinkle, Skin Tightening System

Radiance Fairfax Medspa also offers Pellefirm: for cellulite relief and newest treatment FRAXEVE’, the combination of Fraxel and Pelleve in one amazing treatment!

What Does Our Pelleve Treatments Do?
Our Pelleve Treatment can help reduce lines and wrinkles as well as tighten the skin on your face and neck.

Is the Pelleve treatment safe?
Clinical studies have proven that the Pelleve treatment is a safe and effective way to reduce wrinkles and tighten skin. There are minimal side effects, it's painless, and no drugs or anesthetics are used during the procedure.

How long does a Pelleve treatment take?
Each treatment will be from 30 60 minutes depending on the number of areas being treated at one time.

What do I need to do before having a treatment?

There is generally no preparation required before having a Pelleve treatment but please arrive well hydrated. Ask your clinician if you should discontinue certain topical products or medications.

How is the treatment performed?

First, a gel will be applied to the areas to be treated. Patients say they feel a deep warming sensation when the Pelleve handpiece is applied to your skin. You will act as a guide to describe the depth of the sensation as your clinician moves the handpiece gently across the treated areas.

Is the treatment painful?

No. Unlike other skin tightening systems, a Pelleve treatment does not require any topical anesthesia. A Pelleve treatment is virtually painless and in fact, patients comment that it feels like a warm massage.

What can I expect after a treatment
There is no recovery time needed after a Pelleve treatment. You may be slightly pink with mild swelling for a few hours, you can wear makeup right away and resume normal activities, so it fits easily into busy schedules. In fact, most people love the look the Pelleve gives in the first few days.

What will I need to do after a treatment?

You should wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 30 to prevent future photo damage and maintain the results of your Pelleve treatment. Schedule your second treatment within 30 days of the first.

How soon will I see improvement?

In most cases you will see a visible tightening and lifting effect immediately after one session. Your skin will feel firmer and smoother as the texture and tone improves.

How long do the results last?
The overall result of a Pelleve treatment is a noticeable improvement in skin quality and appearance with minimal side effects and no recovery time. Results continue to improve for six months.

How many treatments are needed?

Many people see results immediately after just one treatment. For most clients, a series of three treatments spaced about one month apart may be recommended for optimal improvement. Additional treatments may be necessary and semi-annual touch ups will help maintain results. See our Pelleve Plan for our aggressive cost savings structure.

Can a Pelleve treatment be combined with other cosmetic treatments?

Yes, we often combine Pelleve treatments with other cosmetic treatments such as wrinkle relaxing agents and dermal fillers. Pelleve can enhance and maintain those results. Our clinicians can recommend the best treatment plan for you, based on your skin type, age, and your cosmetic goals.

Bruce Freedman MD Radiance Fairfax Medical Director
Northern Virginia’s Radiance Fairfax Medspa
East Market at Fair Lakes
12585 Fair Lakes Circle Fairfax, VA 22033
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