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At Radiance Medspa Fairfax, we offer you a free consultation and competitive pricing, WITH NO SURGICAL FEES. Meet Our Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Bruce Freedman, M.D.
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What is Laser Liposuction?
Laser Liposuction is a minimally invasive fat removal procedure which uses the focused power of laser energy to break up and dissolve fatty tissue trapped beneath the skin. By directing the energy to the area beneath the surface of the skin, the technique also encourages the development of collagen, which results in a tighter, more toned appearance overall.

On back and bra pads, laser lipo can result in a smaller, sculpted, smoother back, even loss of inches.
The technique is especially popular because it requires no general anesthesia, and therefore offers a quick recovery time. Most can resume normal activities the day after the procedure. Unlike typical liposuction, laser lipo can be performed in a clean room right in our medspa where your body will be transformed in just a few hours. The minimal invasiveness of the procedure allows patients to see faster results and to experience fewer complications. Unlike liposuction , laser liposuction provides faster treatments and better skin retraction (tightening) for a more smooth, toned, and natural look.

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Are You Right For Laser Lipo?
Our technology can treat most anyone wishing for a moderate amount of fat loss. In general, the ideal candidate: (1) is in good health, exercises regularly, is within 25 lbs. of his or her ideal weight; (2) has one or more areas of local body fat deposits that have responded poorly to diet and exercise; and (3) is bothered by these fatty areas, and is motivated to get rid of them permanently.  On many, the bra pads and back tends to be an area that harbors unwanted fat and extra inches. Many clients that have their abdomen and flanks treated also consider having their back treated in conjunction.

You may be a good candidate for laser liposuction if you are in good health, and practice a healthy lifestyle. Please contact us today for your free consultation.

Is The Fat Removal Permanent?
The fat removal will be permanent as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle after the procedure. Any significant weight gain can result in the return of fat to the treated areas, as well as untreated areas.

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How Is The Procedure Performed?
Prior to beginning Laser Liposuction, the areas to be treated will be carefully marked and a local anesthetic will be given to numb the area. Incision or less than 3 mm are made where the laser and suction cannulas will be inserted. Typically a back will require  2-4 tiny incisions placed inconspicuously.  Using a small, handheld device, the laser energy is directed toward the fat cells beneath the skin's surface. As the laser energy is fired, the fat cells break apart and liquefy. Most of the fat is withdrawn at the time of treatment. Then, during the initial days following the procedure, the rest of the liquefied fat will be drained away by the body's natural processes. The laser energy also encourages the growth of new collagen, which tightens skin and improves the overall appearance of the abdomen. The laser energy also helps seal small blood vessels, reducing bleeding and subsequent swelling in the treatment area.

What Is The Recovery Like?
During the recovery process, there may be some minor discomfort for the first 24 hours following the procedure, which can be effectively treated with prescription or over-the-counter medication.  The areas of the small incision sites may drain slightly until the morning after the procedure. Individuals may also experience minor and temporary bruising, which typically disappears within 2 weeks of treatment. On the back area, we also prescribe the use of a compression garment to help in healing and to minimize swelling.  Swelling may persist up to 2 weeks.

When will I begin to see results?
Once any initial swelling has resolved following the procedure, the treated area will appear tighter, smaller, and more toned and smooth. The results will continue to improve within the first 6 to 8 weeks following the procedure, as the skin readapts to new curves and outlines. In most people, optimal results are visible at about 8 weeks following the Laser Lipo procedure. Most people return to work within 24-48 hours of having Laser Lipo compared to 1 week with typical liposuction.

We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions, or want to learn more about our cosmetic specials, please give us a call or use the contact us form above on the left.

Bruce Freedman MD Radiance Fairfax Medical Director
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East Market at Fair Lakes
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