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Silk Peel (Microdermabrasion)

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Skin Resurfacing Procedures

Radiance Medspa Fairfax offers may different treatments for skin resurfacing. These treatments can help to prevent premature wrinkling, correct sun damage, erase acne scars, and remove pre-cancerous skin growths. These are facial concerns that can be addressed with skin resurfacing. Below are laser resurfacing procedures as well as more gentle exfoliation treatments such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

The Smart Skin CO2 Laser (Fraxel)
The Smart Skin CO2 Laser is a state of the art skin resurfacing system that is unique in that it can be used to treat your skin without affecting surrounding healthy tissue. Better than Fraxel, this advanced micorablative technology allows your skin to heal in a fraction of the time because we are not ablating the entire skin surface all at once.

Non-ablative Laser Skin Resurfacing by Palomar works on many skin types, including very light and very dark skin. Non-ablative resurfacing can improve fine lines and wrinkles, help the most challenging scars including acne scars, and address texture, pores, and tone, all with minimal downtime and just a few treatments.

Chemical Peel - Example VI PEEL
Chemical Peels continue to be the golden standard in cosmetic enhancement of facial skin. Chemical peels have been performed for many years by ancient Egyptians. They used particles of alabaster mixed with milk and honey to abrade facial skin to create tightening. In Egypt, Cleopatra was known to bathe in sour milk, while French women have applied fermented wine to their faces to improve the quality of their skin.

Chemical peels have become more popular as a less drastic way to exfoliate facial, neck and decollate skin ares by removing the outer layer of skin to reveal the smoother, newer skin underneath. People of all skin types can benefit from al chemical peel to give them the appearance of younger, healthier skin.

SilkPeel™ (Microdermabrasion) Treatment

SilkPeel™ is a breakthrough system that combines precision non-invasive exfoliation with Dermalinfusion™, deep delivery of skin-specific solutions, to improve and revitalize the skin. SilkPeel is unique because it does not use crystals or other abrasive particles that can irritate the skin like most microdermabrasion treatments.

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Bruce Freedman MD Radiance Fairfax Medical Director
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East Market at Fair Lakes
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